HR Tech Roundtable

 Session Videos - April 15, 2021

"How Organizations are Rethinking the Talent Experience with Smart Technologies""

TA Research Session
  • Research Spotlight (20 min): Key Trends in Talent Acquisition, Virtual Hiring, Recruiting Automation, and Internal Mobility 
    • Speaker: Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory
    • Takeaways:
      • Gain key insights from over 850 Talent acquisition leaders
      • Pandemic-related technology and priority changes (more than 60% of employers saw gaps exposed in technology last year)

      • Balancing Recruiting automation, fair/unbiased hiring, and specific methods to increase hiring diversity 

      • The barriers and opportunities for Talent mobility (including data on how companies are measuring success)

Visier Keynote
  • Keynote Presentation (20 min): Ask, Align, and Act to Transform the Talent Experience: A proactive, problem-solving framework that directs action
    • Speaker: Caitlin Bigsby, Director of Product Marketing, Visier
    • Abstract: The speed of change and complexity of talent management and the proliferation of new strategies and solutions has made the job of the CHRO that much more complex. How can you determine where the action is needed and what that action should be? How can you prove results?

      1. Learn the importance of going in with an open mind to uncover the problems you actually have - Ask the right questions,  Align with your stakeholders, and Act on your data-based findings.

      2. Discover how alignment between the lived experience of the HR practitioners and the insight found in the data can help you zero in on problems

      3. Inform change-makers with the information needed to act and get results.


Checkr Fireside Chat
  • Fireside Chat: How Organizations are Rethinking the Talent Experience with Smart Technologies
    • Speakers: Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory | Jackie McKewon, Manager of Human Resources, Blackrock Logistics, Inc. | Prachi Gore, CMO, Checkr, Inc.

Humantelligence Case Study
  • Case Study: How Enterprises are Leveraging Recruitment Technology to Reduce Time-to-Hire by up to 80%
    • Speakers: Juan Betancourt, CEO, Humantelligence |  Ben Eubanks, Chief Research OfficerLighthouse Research & Advisory
    • Abstract: The pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to shift priorities and automate their hiring processes in order to remain competitive.  Done right, utilizing smart technology will help keep the “human” in Human Resources by eliminating redundancies of the role, and allowing hiring to teams to keep their focus on improving the candidate experience, fair chance hiring, and adopting key methods to strengthen workplace diversity.
    • Key Takeaways include:

      ·        Pandemic-related technology and HR priority changes
      ·        How to balance recruiting automation, fair chance hiring, and specific methods to increase hiring diversity.
      ·        Removing barriers to talent mobility.

Checkr Case Study
    • Case Study: How Blackrock Logistics uses AI to Retain Candidates in a Hyper-Competitive Environment
      • Speakers: Jackie McKewon, Manager of Human Resources, Blackrock Logistics, Inc. | Prachi Gore, CMO, Checkr, Inc.
      • Takeaways:
        • How Blackrock achieved 85% reduction in time to hire
        • 20% material savings in costs
        • How we leveraged AI Technology to significantly expand our candidate funnel

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