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"Enhancing your enterprise talent experience with smart technologies: real use cases, real results"

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HR Tech Roundtable, produced by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Talent Board and HR Tech Connect is an interactive event series that gathers HR, Talent, and technology professionals for a rapid-fire learning, sharing and networking experience.

kevin w grossman

Kevin W. Grossman
Talent Board

Ben Eubanks-1

Ben Eubanks
Principal Analyst
Lighthouse Research &

Thursday, October 22, 2020
2:00 - 3:30 PM ET | 11:00 - 12:30 PT

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Complimentary for HR, Talent and Technology Professionals

"As an attendee who participates in lots of virtual events, the HR Tech Roundtable was the smoothest attendee experience I’ve had, by miles! It allowed attendees to truly immerse themselves in the event. I’d highly recommend that other organizations who are pivoting in-person events to virtual events follow a similar format."

- Samantha Colby,  HRchitect

Program Overview

In less than 90 minutes:

      • Gain insight into technology
      • Access to real-world enterprise use cases
      • Network with your peers to solve your most pressing HR and talent challenges


Thursday, October 22, 2020

2:00 - 3:30 PM ET | 11:00 - 12:30 PT


  • Opening Fireside Chat: Enhancing your enterprise talent experience with smart technologies
    • Speakers: Kevin W. Grossman, President, Talent Board | Brad Cook, VP Global Talent Acquisition, Intuitive
Kevin W. Grossman

Kevin W. Grossman
Talent Board


Brad Cook
VP Global Talent Acquisition

  • Keynote Presentation: Leveraging Technology to streamline the interviewing process: Measurable Business impact
    • Speakers: Mitch Munsell, Director, Strategic Enterprise Sales, Yello | Morgan Repovz, Manager Solutions Consultant, Yello
    • Abstract: Enterprise Talent Acquisition Leaders have spoken!
      • Gain valuable insight into:
        • Interview Scheduling best practices, based on survey data from hundreds of recruiting leaders
        • Common interview scheduling pain points and how to solve them with smarter technology
        • Identify the parts of your recruiting process to automate, and how much time you can expect to save
Mitch Munsell

Mitch Munsell
Director, Strategic Enterprise Sales

Morgan Repovz

Morgan Repovz
Manager, Solutions Consulting

  • Enterprise End User Case Studies - Interactive real-world case studies where executive end users discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation and outcomes.
    • Paradigm Shift: How Organizations are Rethinking the Talent Experience for their Contingent Workforce
      • Speaker: Dan Beck, COO, Utmost
      • Key Takeaways:
        - How has COVID impacted how the world’s largest organizations source and engage the extended workforce?
        - What solutions are enabling these businesses to more easily adapt and manage remote contingent workers?
        - What will be permanent changes in your non-employee talent experience after COVID?
Dan Beck

Dan Beck

    • Case Study: How AirAsia transformed their candidate experience with AI
      • Speaker:  Mihir Gandhi, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, | Andrew Loecher, Directror, Global Accounts
      • Abstract: By adopting Eightfold’s AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform, AirAsia immediately reduced the cost, became more efficient, and accelerated the complex process of finding the best qualified candidates while continuing to exceed customer expectations.
Mihir Gandhi

Mihir Gandhi
Vice President, Strategic Marketing

Andrew Loecher

Andrew Loecher
Director, Global Accounts

    • Case Study: Using Conversational AI to Create Hyper-Personalized Experiences that Drive Transformational Results
      • Speaker: Jacob Kramer, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, U.S. XPress | Josh Zywien, Chief Marketing Officer, Paradox
      • Abstract: Imagine your business is a major player in a hyper-competitive industry, where almost everyone is fighting over a relatively small, shrinking candidate market and those candidates are almost constantly being recruited. U.S. Xpress is in this business, and they knew their recruiting strategy would need an innovative overhaul to overcome these daunting challenges.

        So, U.S. Xpress turned to AI — implementing conversational assistive intelligence to deliver recommended positions based on candidate details, capture and screen candidates in real-time to fast-track applications and provide answers to questions as soon as they are asked. But they also took the experience further by embarking on a first-of-its-kind feature that leverages hyper-personalization to instantly present a diverse group of AI assistant personas to applying drivers. These personalized experiences, coupled with a simplified candidate journey, presented transformational results for those that applied and also removed the immense burden from the recruiting process.
jacob kramer v2

Jacob Kramer
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
U.S. XPress

Josh Zywien

Josh Zywien
Chief Marketing Officer

    • Phenom: AI, automation, and the evolved recruiter
      • Speaker: Jonathan Dale, VP of Marketing, Phenom | Devin Foster, Product Marketing Manager, Phenom
      • Abstract: Companies continue to invest millions in HCM, ATS, and chatbots. Yet the challenge of hiring and retaining the right talent persists with disappointing candidate experiences, stalled recruiter productivity, and low employee engagement. Discover the modern approach of Talent Experience Management, which connects every experience across candidates, recruiters, employees, and management to reshape the future. Join Jonathan Dale, VP, Marketing at Phenom, as he shares the major industry shifts:
        • Work into moments
        • Activity into productivity
        • Job redesign into talent evolution
        • Reports into intelligence
Jonathan Dale

Jonathan Dale
VP of Marketing


Devin Foster
Product Marketing Manager

  • Executive Peer Focus Groups
    • Description:  This session will provide participants with an opportunity expand their professional network. Qualified registrants choose their challenge and join this fast-paced, 30-minute session to engage in an interactive exchange of ideas.

  • Sample Peer-to-Peer Hot Topics:
    - Virtual recruiting solutions for employees, candidates and hiring managers
    - AI, automation, and the evolved recruiter
    - Best practices to Identify Organizational skill gaps and inefficiencies

    - Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Add
    - Key drivers impacting organizations as they prepare for smart technologies
    - Recruiting automation, leveraging AI to optimize the candidate experience
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